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CX-462 Audio System Controller

Unique" best describes the CX462 Audio System Controller. We have included a set of features and configuration options that bring great diversity and make the unit the appropriate choice for applications such as AV presentations, places of worship, plus other sound systems often found in hotels, shops, bars and leisure venues.

In simple terms, the CX462 has a stereo music section with 6 inputs, plus a mono microphone section with 4 inputs. The key to the versatility of the unit is its ability to route the microphone signals to the output of the stereo music section and similarly, a mono mix of the music signals can be added to the microphone section output.

All configuration options and installer presets are concealed from the operator by positioning them in tamperproof locations, leaving the front panel clear, functional and easy to use.      產品訊息
The CX-335 Compressor Limiter
  The Cloud CX-335 stereo compressor-limiter is designed for system control and protection. When utilised as part of a full range system its ease of installation and setup coupled with the audio transparent operation make it the ideal choice.   產品訊息
MPA60/120/240 - Mixer Amplifiers
The increase in demand for higher quality mixed impedance output amplifiers for general installer applications has instigated the launch of Cloud Electronics new MPA Series. 6 line + 4 microphone inputs into a single zone with configurable 25/70 or 100volt internal transformer plus the industry standard wall mount remote controllers (RL1 & RSL6) make the MPA Series the most flexible and reliable installer amps in the market.   產品訊息
Headphone Distribution System  Pump Station 16
   Listening to a personal choice of music or video sound track can reduce the tedium of exercising or waiting. The Cloud Headphone Distribution System has been specially developed to meet the needs of users who would benefit from having an entertainment facility at their fingertips. Whether exercising, adding a tan or patiently waiting for something to hapen, the Pump Station is designed to provide the entertainment. Offering 8 stereo sound sources, any of which can be selcted to operate through a pair of stereo headphones via the RH-8 or WP-8(A) control panel with a total capacity of 256 control panels on one system.     產品訊息
   Cloud 46/50 Four Zone Integrated Mixer Amplifier
The 46/50 offers simple, direct connection of two microphones and six music sources which can be routed to feed four different output zones with up to 50W of clean audio power. The 46/50's music programme and level can be controlled remotely. A paging facility is avilable with the optional CDPM paging mic. So, if a simple one-box solution is required for a four zone venue, look no further than the Cloud 46/50.     產品訊息
Matrix 4 Zone Mixer with 4 Zone Matrix Routing
The Matrix 4 from Cloud is designed to provide a one-box solution for microphone, background music and paging distribution in hotel, conference and multi-function venues where the sound system is required to offer flexible routing for up to 4 zones. The Matrix 4 front panel provides clear status information and simple user controls while, being behind the scenes, its sophisticated circuitry provides a host of facilities and options. The Matrix 4 is ideal for room combining applications      產品訊息
CX-A850 Multi Channel Amplifier
The Cloud CX-A850 is a versatile and innovative multi channel amplifier. It exhibits low levels of noise and distortion, and utilises the highest quality components, ensuring outstanding sound quality and rugged durability. Plug in VCA modules are available for applications where remote level control is required. Line distribution systems of both 70V and 100V are also catered for with the optional high performance transformer modules.    產品訊息
   Z8ii Eight Zone Venue Mixer

The Z8ii offers direct connection of up to six music sources, two microphones and a paging mic, all of which can be selected to operate in up to eight different output zones, in any combination.

The Z8ii offers the complete solution for multi-zone, multi functional venues. With the ability to accept an array of input sources such as CD, Video, Satellite etc., the Z8ii is an ideal choice. It has been developed specifically to meet these needs and can act as a user friendly master control for the entire sound system. Connecting the LM-1or DM-1 active modules extends the versatility of the units allowing designers to provide simple, cost effective solutions to many customers' requirements that are difficult to achieve with other manufacturers' products.   產品訊息