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The DPA-1 is a true digital pre-amplifier from Lyngdorf incorporating
the innovative RoomPerfect room correction technology that allows you to access
 to the real sound of your audio system.
Millennium Mk IV  
The Millennium Mk IV is the Lyngdorf reference amplifier - its speed,
precision and incredible dynamic range has taken the world by storm.
Not to mention the unique volume control working with the precision of Swiss clockwork. 
TDAI 2200
The TDAI 2200 true digital integrated amplifier is the most versatile amplifier
in our range and in the world. The standard version of the compact 2 x 200W digital control centre
can be expanded with analog input module and the outstanding RoomPerfect room correction system.
CD-1  CD-1 in test: “Powerful…utterly convincing…perfect!”   
Once again the Lyngdorf CD-1 receives a great review. This time in the German magazine STEREO 9/2007, another evidence of the successful Lyngdorf audio revolution:
The CD-1 is designed with the all the experience gained from designing the Lyngdorf digital amplifier products.
Low-noise design techniques are applied to carefully upsample the digital output. The digital output is available in SPDIF, Toslink or AES format.
The RP-1 is a standalone room correction processor that can be inserted in any conventional
pre-/power amplifier set up. This is the simplest way of removing room-generated anomalies
and the fastest way to improve the sonic performance of analogue audio system.
 SDAI 2175
By combining analog audio circuitry with digital control the SDAI 2175 integrated amplifier
offers very high performance and amazing value for money.
The open natural sound reproduction and massive power output for impressive grip and
drive simply makes this the best integrated amplifier in it's class!
SDA 2175
The SDA 2175 is a high-performance power amplifier designed without compromise.
It can act as a controllable amplifier in Lyngdorf systems or as a power amplifier for conventional pre-amplifiers.