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The MS5 (MS for Main Speaker) is the flagship of the Euphonia Series. At 124 cm tall and a dead weight of 69 kg, this is an armor-crushing giant of a loudspeaker.
Essentially, the MS 5 is a three-way bass reflex speaker with 2 x 8" bass woofers, 1x 6.5” midrange driver and DALI´s proprietary ribbon/soft dome hybrid tweeter module. In fact, it is more a three-and-a half-way design, as the dome and the ribbon do not cover the same frequency range. The Hybrid Tweeter Module and the paper/woodfiber cone drivers can be said to be the heart of the Euphonia Series as they are employed throughout the DALI speaker range... 
  Nothing but seeing and hearing the Euphonia MS5 can describe it! The next best thing is to read other people´s reactions to the MS5 - here are some quotes on the MS5 from Hi-Fi magazines around the world;       產品訊息
Hybrid tweeter module / 2X6.5" drivers / Bi-wiring terminal 36-34.000 Hz / H1030xW200xD390 mm / 22.2kg
The MENTOR 6 is the first floor standing speaker in the MENTOR Series.
The driver configuration of MENTOR 6 is a 2½ way bass reflex speaker with 2 x 6.5" proprietary bass/midrange drivers and the newest generation of the proprietary DALI ribbon/soft dome hybrid tweeter module. However, as the dome and the ribbon do not cover the same frequency range, one could call it a 2½ plus ½ way. The advantage is accurate sound with high frequencies suitable for SACD and DVD-Audio recordings.  
 As all MENTOR models, the MENTOR 6 features a luxurious matt laquer and real wood veneer finish, curved front and rear as well as paper/wood fibre cones and the hybrid tweeter module.      產品訊息
    MENTOR 2      
Hybrid tweeter module / 6.5" driver / Bi-wring terminal 39-34.000Hz / H440xW200XD350 mm / 10.0kg
The modest dimensions of the MENTOR 2´s make them ideal for smaller rooms.
Best placed on a good speaker stand, the MENTOR 2 will show absolutely no compromise in performance, delivering an unprecedented 3D Audio experience.
What Hi-Fi (UK) wrote this about the MENTOR 2;
”This is the first MENTOR speaker we´ve heard, and it´s a stormer. We can´t wait to hear the rest of the range”          產品訊息
IKON® Phantom in-wall
The famous and award-winning IKON sound in your walls. The IKON Phantom In-wall has all the features of the IKON series and enables you to build the IKON sound into your wall.

Enclosed in a rigid but vibration damping aluminium cabinet, the IKON Phantom fires clear, crisp sound. Be it in stereo for your favorite music or in surround for the movies you love.

The IKON Series incorporates all of the DALI sound design principles;           產品訊息
     Suite S1.2
Suite S1.2 delivers true and decidedly physical bass from the large 12” woofer, driven by its internal 200 Watt amplifier. The enclosure is made from very rigid and non-resonant MDF, featuring an extra heavy front panel and fitted with a sturdy base incorporating mounting holes for spikes.
The amplifier offers adjustable level and crossover frequency as well as phase switch. The Suite S1.2 is as home in a stereo system as it is in a 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 surround system and will make Puff Daddy sound like Boom Daddy.    產品訊息